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School Closing Information

The superintendent may close the schools, delay the morning start, or dismiss the students early in the event of hazardous weather or other emergencies that threaten the health or safety of students and personnel.

While it may be prudent under certain circumstances to excuse all students from attending school, the superintendent has the duty to see that as much of the administrative, supervisory and operational activity as possible continues.  Therefore, if conditions affect only a single school, only that school will be closed.

In making the decision to close schools, the superintendent will consider many factors, including the following:

Weather conditions, both existing and predicted.
Driving, traffic and parking conditions affecting public and private transportation facilities.  Actual occurrence or imminent possibility of an emergency condition that would make the operation of the schools difficult or dangerous.

Announcements of school closing and/or early dismissals will be made via the following television stations: TV4, TV5, TV7, TV56, FOX 25, NECN and radio station, WBZ-l030am, to enable parents to make the necessary home arrangements.  When possible, we will make a call to homes using our computer system, and post it on RHS CH-22.

The first announcement will be made @RPS_Super.

Please do not call the fire department, police department, city hall or the central office for information regarding school closings.

Delaying the start of school by two hours may allow for safe passage to school. On such late start days, school will begin 2 hours later but end at the regular time.  Students should start to school and/or their bus stops two hours after their regular start.  Please do not send your children to the school at the regular time.

Many children come from homes where all the adults work during the day or otherwise would not be available to supervise children who might be dismissed early.  The possibility of releasing students to unsupervised or locked homes is a major concern.  Accordingly, we shall make every effort to avoid early dismissals.  In case of severe weather conditions, we shall respect the decision of parents who wish to pick up their children early from school.